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Somehow I haven’t gotten around to listening to Harlan’s new album, Spiderette, until this week. And I’m playing it just as obsessively as I did the Still Beat, their first album. These guys have come a long way in the past year or so, landing coverage from USA Today (“Really smart pop from a Baton Rouge, La., band — moments of weirdness mixed with classic pop and overall a killer.”) and NPR (click here for the story and a song.) I think music blogger BiBaBiDi really nails this outfit, though:

…Because listen to how great Harlan (MySpace) is! The Baton Rouge quartet is friggin’ spectacular … an amazing blend of this sort of psychedelic pop music and experimental-twinged folksier stuff. And the group’s all about the details … whether it’s a quirky synth line or warble-y guitar hook or concise, organic drumming, Harlan’s complete sound is awe-inspiring.

You can purchase Spiderette, hear some tunes and watch videos on the band’s MySpace Page: www.myspace.com/stillbeat. Also check out the band’s website: thestillbeat.com

PS–These guys are all established visual artists in their own right and take care of all of the band’s album covers, videos, and posters, which you’ll find on the two websites listed above. Check back for reviews on the artists as individuals.


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