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The Meaning of Tea


“The Meaning of Tea” by Scott Chamberlin-Hoyt is a beautiful film on the Southern Arts Federation’s Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers. The film visits 7 countries and explores the role that tea plays in various cultural rituals. Chamberlin-Hoyt explores the people, landscapes and rituals of England, India, China, Japan, Morrocco and France. He also includes one sort of embarassing clip about a town called Tea, South Dakota.

He should have included something better about the U.S. There are tea rituals here. I once saw a girl order a shot of vodka in her iced tea during lunch at the Ground Zero Club in Clarksdale, Mississippi. There was definitely some kind of ritual involved in that. At the time I took it to be the age old ritual of impressing a guy. But maybe she wanted to impress his grandmother who was also with us. Maybe that’s just what they do at Ground Zero. Or maybe that’s just how Memphis girls do when they get out of town for lunch.

Southern Art Federation
Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers including tour schedule, filmmakers and venues
“The Meaning of Tea” website including trailers of the film

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Yee-Haw Industries

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Without a doubt, Yee-Haw Industries is the go-to for letterpress posters promoting special events and music acts. Partners Kevin Bradley and Julie Belcher became pioneers of the now ubiquitous band promo/art poster when musicians such as Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Buddy Guy and Trey Anastasio came knocking on their Kentucky barn door back in 1996. Now they’re set up in Knoxville and do everything from calendars and journals to greeting cards and apparel. But my favorites are their fine art pieces (what they set out doing), like ol’ Evel up above. All work is custom-to-order, designed, set, and pressed by hand.
Click here to shop their Etsy store. And their other store here.

Yee-Haw Industries, 413 South Gay Street, Knoxville, TN, 37902; Ph: 865.522.1812; Fax: 865.524.8897;;

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